For more than 10 years, our private, corporate and institutional clients, in Switzerland and abroad, have entrusted us and appreciate our values: precision, anticipation, transparency, pragmatism.
Thanks to our targeted skills, our experience and our network, we help our clients secure their future, achieve their projects and fight for their interests.


Anticipate, plan and guide:
targeting your needs, securing your projects and guiding you to achieve them.


Being by your side at the various stages of your life, we dedicate to solve your professional, family or private matters. This requires a perfect knowledge of your situation and your goals.
Knowing our clients is knowing their needs.


Suing/being sued is sometimes unavoidable. Litigation require hard skill and pugnacity.
We fight hard for you, by your side.

Commercial law
and corporate law

Contracts, companies incorporation, advice to Swiss and foreign entities, shareholder agreements, purchase/sale, directorships, taxation, uberisation.

and real estate

Rental/lease agreements, construction contracts, brokerage, purchase/sale, real estate promotion, condominium, urbanism, real estate taxation.

Labor law

Labor contracts, termination, public service law, collective employment contracts, negotiations.

National and
international taxation

Persons and entities, advice, planning, litigation.

Intellectual property

Trademark, copyright, licenses.

Family law

Separation, divorce, alimony, child protection, custody rights, marriage contract, estate planning, international family law.

French family law

Separation, divorce, alimony, parental authority, marriage contract, estate planning, international family law.

General French law

Advice and representation before French courts, contract law, real estate and construction, cross-border issues.

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